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The Blackfang Brotherhood website has gone through a hosting merger and it was far from seamless. Our previous host, EasyHost, was merged with Gate.com. Gate.com is owned by the same parent company as EasyHost. The transfer has been rocky so far. I'm not sure why things aren't fixed yet. The IPS Driver error we are receiving on our forums is a server side issue.

It was recently noticed that some of the DNS information has changed or was not included in the merger/move. This has impacted TeamSpeak as well as the forums. I have had a support ticket in with Gate.com since October 20th and it was moved to a level 2 response team. I'm hopeful this will be resolved. In the meantime, if I can access the forum database I am going to back it up.

Sorry for the inconvience everyone. Hopefully this will be resolved soon.


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